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Address: 3950 E Patrick lane Unit 203, Las Vegas Nevada 89120

The American Dream

Jeff Jefferies, US Marine Veteran — retired & disabled, and CEO of PINK & BLUE USA CORP. realized the health gap in the beverage industry in the USA. Broadening his vision on the gamut of energy drinks he wanted a healthier choice for the world of tomorrow. PINK & BLUE USA was the answer to his health quest and vision. With more than 90% organic ingredients, the drink spelt wellness and purity among the current beverages. Jeff utilized his service funds to bring the vegan energy drink to the United States of America and is now focused on growing its organic footprint through manufacturing and distribution from and within the country. Jeff Jefferies has the vision to bring out more unique flavors enriched with the same organic and vegan goodness and to him, the drink represents the nature of every American citizen, unique, bold and passionate.

Going Above and Beyond

PINK & BLUE USA Corp., headed by Jeff Jefferies, CEO and Retired Veteran, served the call of a citizen’s duty during the pandemic. We distributed can’s of PINK energy drink among Citizens, Truck drivers, and Staff in the line of emergency and essential duty, Social Foundations, and Hospitals.

This was our token of appreciation to the brave people who worked unconditionally throughout the pandemic and made sure the good deed was done.

Address: 3950 E Patrick lane Unit 203,
Las Vegas Nevada 89120